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Utility Electrical Services

Underground or Overhead

In 1999, our utility division was established. It’s been growing rapidly ever since. We offer above-ground and underground utility electrical services


Our trenching services are best suited for anyone that needs a cost-effective way to install cables or pipes into the ground. This is the most traditional method of underground utility installment, but it also has its limitations—structures like rivers, buildings, and roads can make digging a trench difficult or impossible. That’s when you’ll need directional boring services.

Cable Plowing

Sometimes projects will require you to conduct a shallower dig and cause less disruption to your landscape.

Cable plowing uses a vibrating blade to split the ground, and cut a narrow slit that can be packed as the plow moves along. As the ground is being cut, the cable or duct is placed at the desired depth by feeding it down a chute, which is located on the back of the blade.

The cable plowing process can be completed in a fairly short time, with easy cleanup and minimal disturbance to the original surface area. 

Directional Boring

When trenching isn’t an option for whatever reason, we provide directional boring, AKA horizontal directional drilling (HDD), for the installation of underground electric, including electrical lines and telecommunication cables.

Benefits of Directional Boring

  • Safer than trenching
  • Can be performed in non-ideal weather conditions
  • Significantly less and little disturbance to the surrounding ecosystem, traffic, and businesses.
  • Protects groundwater and reduces rock fracture
  • Reduces excavation costs
  • Can be used to replace existing pipes (non-reinforced concrete, PVC conduits, and asbestos cement)

Directional boring is another way to install underground utilities without having to dig a trench. Because all the work is done by the machine and one operator, you can avoid excessive environmental, civic, and structural disturbances. It’s a win-win scenario when you need to get cables or pipes in the ground but face physical roadblocks.

Get Your Utility
Electric Right

Street Lighting & Traffic Signals

Most towns and cities need public lighting. We install street lights and traffic signals in commercial and residential areas, and our capabilities include wiring repairs, upgrades, replacements, and line relocation as well.

Wind Energy Development

We know how to wire vertical or horizonal axis wind turbines to generate energy from wind. When you need assistance wiring or installing a turbine’s electrical generator, our team of experts can get the job done.

Utility Service & Maintenance Contracts

We’ll always be there for you. Keep your energy costs low and business generating when you have a service and maintenance contract with us. We perform all of our utility services to our immediate service areas and beyond.


  • Moorhead
  • Breckenridge
  • Fergus Falls
  • Alexandria
  • Detroit Lakes
  • Long Prairie
  • Sauk Centre
  • Park Rapids

North Dakota

  • Wahpeton
  • Fargo
  • Hillsboro
  • Valley City
  • Ellendale

South Dakota

  • Aberdeen
  • Watertown
  • Webster
  • Sisseton
Frozen Ground? No problem.

We’re able to  thaw frozen ground to provide you with utility electrical services at any moment. Check out our capabilities.