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Ground Thawing Service & Equipment

Work smarter, not harder. With our ground thawing equipment, we can thaw frozen ground, letting you work on your time—not the weather’s.

Benefits of Using Ground Thawing Machines

Especially needed in northern states like Minnesota and North Dakota, these machines help you save money by avoiding expensive delays, make your construction window wider, and spend less time fighting the elements. Our Frost Buster machine keeps you on track with your schedule and budget when November sneaks up on you.

Rent Ground Thawing Equipment

Our Frost Buster ground thawing machine is self-contained in an enclosed trailer, making it very easy to be pulled behind a pickup. It also has 1,500 feet of hose on a reel connected to a hot water fuel oil fired boiler and a circulating pump.

You can also use it to prevent your freshly poured concrete from freezing until it’s completed cured.

We schedule the rental of this ground thawing machine around our own needs, and we’ve never had a rental conflict in the past.